Harbour-Hopping For Temporary Guests

All of our im-jaich marinas have one thing in common: Once you've docked at one of them, you'll always come back. We'd like to welcome everybody looking for new destinations to our "Heimathäfen" - individual ports spread through northern Germany, connected by a unique feeling coming home.

Our special tip: use our offer "Make 7 out of 6" and discover multiple harbours on one tour. Every night spent at an im-jaich harbour is rewarded with a stamp, and once you have collected six, the seventh night in one of our harbours is free of cost. Maybe you'll even discover your own new home port during your cruise.

Your Home Port For Permanent Guests

We are proud and glad to say that many of our customers have anchored at our harbours for many consecutive years now. As a permanent guest, you won't only have an amazing view over the water every single day, you can also profit from extraordinary comforts and conveniences. Guest moorings in other im-jaich harbours are free of cost in April, September and October, and in addition, permanent guests receive a 30% discount during the summer months from May to August. And in case you realise that your eyes are yearning for a new perspective, you can switch from your original home port to another im-jaich harbour for an entire season without addition charges*. In the following year you can return your old mooring place. By the way: As permanent guests at an im-jaich harbour you can also spend unforgettable vacations in our Bremerhaven hotels or vacation homes in Rügen at a discount - and a view of the water is guaranteed either way.

*Free mooring places in the respective harbours are the condition for this offer. You can receive more information from the harbourmaster of the respective harbour.