Our Contribution in Bremerhaven There’s a lot to do - and it's worth it

We buy sustainable and regional products for our Hotel Bremerhaven and do our best to use only organic produce for our gastronomical enterprises. We harvest our own fresh herbs from a kitchen garden and managed to create little spaces of biological diversity on every possible green area on the Hotel premises. 

We wear organically produced clothes, use products from Viva Con Agua and recycle as well as we can - from sorting trash to using recycled materials. We also use only green electricity for our Hotel, which you can also use to charge your electric car.

To increase our efficiency even further, we also commissioned the company “blueContec GmbH” to develop an extensive analysis of our consumption and inform us of our energy guzzlers. Because of this, we also put our very own linked force-heat system into operation and switched all lighting in the hotel to LED lamps.

To cut down the consumption of resources, we also use attachments for taps to reduce water usage, rely on the use of electronic vehicles, do without energy guzzling minibars in the rooms and try to produce as little trash as possible. We also try to reuse as much as possible - our milk is delivered in reusable bottles straight from the farm and you can enjoy your coffee to-go in organic reusable coffee cups. 

We also know that we leave an ecological footprint and want to do our best to make it go away. To improve it, we follow the principle of compensation: in order to reduce our CO² emissions and balance our usage, we have to understand our consumption first. To achieve this, we work together with the BEKS EnergieEffizienz GmbH. Among other things, they calculated our CO² emissions per overnight stay. We share and promote our newly won knowledge by organising internal training and do our best to convince our guests to use bicycles more often: We rent bikes and have everything at hand to fix and repair them.

You can learn more about our commitment to sustainability in this brochure

At the same time our engagement reaches further that just our own Hotel: we support the community association “Moorland” and rely on our partners to work together for sustainability in all the economic area of the city of Bremerhaven. 

Viva Con Agua
BlueContec GmbH
BEKS Energie Effizienz GmbH