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Our natural oasis Gustow awaits you in a lagoon on the island Rügen, far away from stress and chaos: Our shore houses with room for up to six people and a unique view of the water await you here - we are convinced that you will fall in love with this special place just like we have. With its primordial beauty and tranquility, and the small white sand beach and the lagoon, the natural oasis enchants every visitor immediately with its quiet charm. 

The island of Rügen and the nearby historical city Stralsund can be explored from here, with the boat, the car or the bike. Perfect for relaxing, Gustow offers comforts such as daily bread delivery services, covered terraces or the perfect beach chair in your garden, while still being in the midst of nature. And in case you should happen to feel like having a freshly brewed coffee, you only have to walk a few steps: Fresh buns, Italian coffee specialties, small snacks or the award-winning organic beer “Störtebecker 1402” taste best on the terrace of our nearby harbour bistro.

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Shore Houses in Gustow
Highest comfort in our Shore Houses Shore Houses in Gustow

Comfort meets enchanting view: leave everyday life far behind in our Shore Houses in Gustow

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