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18574 Gustow

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The tranquil natural harbour Gustow and our Shore Houses are located on the southern coast of Rügen, just 9 km away from the historic Hanseatic city of Stralsund. On the other side of the Rügen Bridge is the seaside resort of Altefähr with its barrier-free beach.

In order to find your way easily & comfortably and make the journey to something worth seeing, we have tips for a particularly beautiful approach. Gustow can be reached via the Old Rügen Bridge (Ziegelgrabenbrücke) as well as over the new Rügen Bridge or by ferry.

It is especially nice to cross over to Rügen on the Glewitz ferry - from Stahlbrode on the mainland, the ferry from the White Fleet will take you to Glewitz on Rügen. From there it is only 17 km to Gustow. This road guides you through small villages in the sleepy south of the island: via Puddemin with the small harbour and the town Poseritz, from where your journey finally leads you to Gustow.