Our Wasserferienwelt in Lauterbach is situated in a very special region: the Biosphere Reserve Southeast Rügen. Under the protection of the Unesco, biosphere reserves are model regions where the harmonious coexistence of humans, animals and nature is developed.The reserve was established back in 1990, and in addition to the beautiful nature, it also offers numerous cultural treasures such as megalitic tombs from the Bronze Age. Since we are a particularly environmentally friendly business in the Biosphere Reserve, in 2011 we were certified as partner biosphere. When you visit us for the first time, we are certain that you will instantly understand why we want to protect this unique landscape.

The nature of Rügen itself provides us with numerous exceptional spots: the breathtaking chalk cliffs, the picturesque island of Vilm and a rich flora and fauna. In short: a nature experience for young & elderly visitors! By the way: Four-legged guests are also more than welcome! Around our Wasserferienwelt you will find beautiful paths for relaxing strolls with your dog.

Nature Up-Close Excursions for Nature Lovers

If you love being surrounded by the scent of the ocean and feeling the wind in your hair, Rügen is the right place for you. We’ve gathered all the most beautiful tours through the island’s wonderfully unique natural landscapes here - all you have  to do is start on your way and enjoy the day!

Over the Hills of the “Zickerschen” Alps

The first paths into the rolling hills start right behind the little village church in “Groß Zicker”. Just follow any of the hidden paths through the hills, accompanied by fields of countless grazing sheep. Enjoy the view to the bay in the South or towards the Baltic Sea to the East, behind the wooded coast, from a height of circa 66 metres. 

Visiting the Cranes

Ummanz Island, in Rügen’s West, is only separated from the main island by a tiny bridge and is part of the larger National Park of the Vorpommern Bay Area. Though the island may not seem spectacular at first, it is one of the most important crane resting stations in Europe - hundreds of animals gather here to rest before they fly South for the winter. This time is also the best to watch the grey-feathered birds before they take off again to warmer climates.

The Observation Deck Tankow in the North-East offers a spectacular view of the “Birds of Luck”. 

Bike Rental
Independence on Two Wheels Bike Rental

Make use of the bike rental “Bruchalla’s” delivery services and discover Rügen’s fascinating landscapes

For open air enthusiasts Hiking

With 800 kilometres of cycling and hiking trails, Rügen is paradise for those who like to be on the move outside

Rügen's trademark The chalk cliffs

Rügen is famous all over the world for its chalk cliffs, and for good reason. The white cliffs along the shore, along with the intensely green beach forests and the wonderful blue sea, make an amazing landscape that you definitely shouldn’t miss. The highest chalk cliff, the Königstuhl, is 118 metres high and one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. We recommend you take a trip on a pleasure boat for a unique view of the cliffs - in order to enjoy the beauty of the peninsula Jasmund in its entirety. 

Fishing on Rügen Fishing on Rügen

From Perch to pike: discover the fishermen’s paradise on Rügen

From Perch to pike: discover the fishermen’s paradise on Rügen

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