Four-Legged Friends Welcome Vacation with your dog

There are many reasons to spend your vacation with us - and one of them is that your dogs are welcome to accompany you on your trip.

Because we live by the motto “out of the city and into nature”, we want to give you the opportunity to leave all stress behind and spend unforgettable days with your furry friend. Four-legged companions enjoy adventures just as much as we do, and what could be more relaxing than to explore the wide beaches and natural peace together?

The Baltic Sea is among the most popular destinations for nature-loving vacation guests as well as dog owners looking to wind down - and with good reason! You can take long, relaxing walks at the beach, discover the landscapes up close and go for hikes in an impressive environment. And not only us humans can have fun this way, our four-legged friends will jump at the opportunity as well!

Autumn is an especially perfect time for vacation with your pawed companion. Almost all beaches are open for dogs during this time so that your pet can play and explore to their heart's content.

But it’s not only nature that will make your vacation with your dog special. You can also discover interesting sights, explore unique historical cities and taste regional cuisine: Man’s best friend is welcome to take his place under the table in our restaurant - we would like to welcome every guest equally!

To make sure your four-legged friend feels just as at home as you do, we recommend you bring your dog’s own bed or favorite blanket, as well as their own bowls and some toys. If you happen to forget something in the hectic moments before departure, we are happy to help out with anything you may need. A flat price is added to the cost of your stay per night and dog.

Paths for long walks with your furry friends begin right in front of your door!

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