What a Fisher Wants Fishing on Rügen

Relaxation or hunting fever: If you ask us, fishing is the perfect mixture of both. Especially our territory is ideal: You can enjoy breathtaking views and lonely bays while waiting for your big catch on your trip. Shore fishing, trolling, piking, belly-boat fishing, or classical fishing: on Rügen, we make sure that diversity and fun remain priorities. And this doesn’t just apply for the ways to fish, but also for the diverse catch you can make. The Greifswalder Bay is not only one of the most popular territories for pike and sea bass fishers - you can also catch zander, whiting, cod, garfish, herring, sea trout and salmon in the Bay, the Strelasund and the Baltic Sea.

You can buy the necessary equipment including bait and all accessories needed as well as the obligatory fishing permit in the nearby shop “Tackle-one”.

For more information or reservations, you can also call us or write an email!

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Email: info@im-jaich.de


In the Middle of the Biosphere Reserve Local Fishing Territory

You can fish all year round on Rügen: There’s a different kind of fish every season. Whether you fish from the bridge or set out onto the open sea, you'll definitely have fun discovering one of the most diverse fishing territories in all of Germany.

An official fishing permit for the region is obligatory to fish in this territory: you can buy the permit for a day (6.00 EUR), a week (12.00 EUR) or the whole year (30.00 EUR) right at our “Wasserferienwelt”. If you don’t have a valid fishing permit you can, along with the rest of your paperwork, also purchase a tourist permit at the reception. 

Information leaflet about fishing and nature conservation in Greifswalder Bodden and Stralsund

State Fishing Organisation Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Fishermen’s Paradise Guided Tours

Where is the fish? In territory as diverse as Rügen, there are always different requirements depending on bait, season, fish and technique. The best guides to answer all of your questions are regional fishermen: fish usually aren't far from where they stick around. Another alternative are guided tours to get to know the local territories with our fishing guide. Our guide Martin gives tours, enabling a roundabout beautiful day in the midst of the beautiful natural landscapes, personal bests along with gleaming photos to remember the feeling of pride and many fish. This transforms the experience from a “just” functional day to a real highlight of your trip. And of course, you can also take some of the freshly caught fish home for a delicious dinner!

The tours for up to four people begin directly in our harbour in Lauterbach or Gustow and can be booked for four hours or alternatively eight hours. We start from the harbour Lohme in March and April to get to our attractive winter territory as quickly as possible. If requested we are also happy to put together tours on the Strelasund, starting from our harbour in Gustow. After a day of coached fishing you’ll get to know the territory so well that you can also start off in a chartered boat on your own. 

Email: m.prochnow@im-jaich.de