Sustainability on Rügen Enjoy and Protect Nature

Breathtaking chalk cliffs, the charming Vilm Island, and an abundant flora and fauna make for a wonderful natural experience! In order to respect and nurture nature, environmental politics play a large role for the “Wasserferienwelt” on Rügen. We are situated in the middle of a very special project in Lauterbach: The Biosphere Reserve South-East Rügen was formed to celebrate the harmony between humans, animals and nature. This reserve was founded in 1990 and is home to not only natural, but also cultural treasures, such as burial hills from the Bronze Age. In 2011, we were certified as an especially environmentally friendly company in the Biosphere Reserve, and continue to work hard to live up to the title. We are convinced that you will understand why nature is so important to us once you experience the unique landscapes here for the first time.

Biosphere Reserve South-East Rügen 

The Greifswalder Bay and Strelasund are also both certified as FFH (Flora and Fauna Habitat) as well as part of a European Bird Reserve, making them part of the EU Protection Network Natura 2000 in two areas. Being located in such an area also gives us responsibility - we do our best to uphold it by combining principles of understanding and respect with our work. We use natural materials and resources sustainably and do our best to optimise our energy consumption. We are also part of the Bioenergy Region Rügen, an organisation with the objective to fulfill one third of primary energy demand with biomass. By using solar energy and a block unit power station that runs on bio methane, we have already reached our goals and are able to cover half of our energy demand with CO2-neutral biomass!

Our commitment to sustainability cannot only be recognised by the green roofs of our shore houses. It's just as vital to us to convey to you as our guests the uniqueness of these landscapes and their seldom inhabitants, such as bird species with different habitats, and to show you why it is important to preserve these habitats. For instance, we follow the specific rules for fishermen, canoeists and other aquatic athletes and strongly encourage our guests to do so as well. By working together, we can preserve a special natural area - for us and for the following generations.

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