Vacation for the Whole Body Therapy Offers

Find the right wellness offer for you, ranging from massages, tension relief, energetic treatments, osteopathy or Shiatsu.


You can confidently put yourself into our hands and experience moments of complete relaxation and tranquility. Whether as a nourishing wellness treatment or to loosen persistent tensions, by light touches or in combination with essential oils blockages are released, muscles relaxed, and blood circulation stimulated. Depending on the type of massage, you can enjoy a full body or partial body treatment. Email:

Foot Reflexology Treatment

There are numerous nerve endings in our feet. Through specific stimulation, processes in our entire body can be positively influenced, and organ activity can be both enhanced and strengthened verifiably. At the same time, the lymphatic flow is stimulated, and sleep and digestion are supported. Email:

Energetic Treatments

The ear candling treatment makes for an unforgettable soothing experience: the application has a wonderfully relaxing effect, calms the body and stimulates the self-healing powers. In combination with other therapy forms, you can also make use of energetic cleaning of living areas or individuals. Email:


Shiatsu is a holistic pressure massage performed on the dressed body. From the viewpoint of this treatment form, humans are perceived as a holistic and complex energy system and therefore, treated accordingly. Physiological and emotional blockages that have arisen in the body are dissolved in order to bring the human being back into energetic balance. Each treatment is tailored to the condition and needs of every individual. By the well-dosed pressure, with the thumb and the ball of the hand, the whole body is influenced positively. The organism can optimally recover and regenerate. Email:

Gently Strengthening Yoga

Train body, mind and soul with a relaxing yoga class. Yoga is especially helpful for treating back pains, as the gentle exercises straighten and strengthen your spine. Email:

Gentle & Strengthening Osteopathy

An osteopathic treatment has a balancing effect on the body and mind. It strengthens the self-healing powers and supports them to maintain their health. With specific hand movements and light touches, the body is relaxed, and the entire spine is realigned. I deliberately treat specific areas of the body in order to release possible blockages so that the physiological functions of the entire body are activated. In addition, this treatment method has a beneficial effect on the psyche. As the body relaxes, it creates a sense of calm and clarity inside. The treatment takes place in comfortable clothes. Email: