Our Restaurant „Kormoran“ Regional Cuisine

Finish the day right in our restaurant “Kormoran”. It doesn't matter if you have spent the day on land or on the water, here, you can get together with your family and relish the end of an exciting day. Enjoy your meal on our beautiful terrace if the sun is shining or join us in our panoramic annex during off-season.

Of course, the view is not the only reason to visit our restaurant. Pizza from a real stone oven, fresh fish from regional fish markets and much more - our team serves regional cuisine made with only the freshest seasonal ingredients here. Our one-of-a-kind location in the Biosphere Reserve South East Rügen also encourages us to follow a concept that is in tune with the protection of the rich natural habitat of this region. For this reason, we take care to ensure environmental sustainability for fields, meadows and water when choosing our ingredients. 

You can either enjoy dishes from the main menu that have established their rank as a “classic” during the last season or try out our specialties from our periodically changing specials menu. We also offer a wide range of vegetarian options as well as specialties for lovers of light fish, meat, and those with a sweet tooth. We recommend asking our staff about our daily freshly caught fish or freshly hunted game from our nearby natural reserve. On holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve, we also offer festive meals. 

For more information or reservations, you can also call us or write an email!

Phone: +49 (0) 383 01 80 92 0
Email: kormoran@im-jaich.de

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Breakfast for our Guests For a Good Morning

Get ready to seize the day with a hearty breakfast! We offer our guests in our Land apartments, Stilt House Suites and Swimming Homes bread delivery service as well as the possibility to order a rich breakfast directly at the restaurant all year round. 

Curry Chicken Unusual Sailor’s Fare

The Curry chicken we serve in our restaurant counts as typical seaman’s fare. That may be due to the fact that it has many exotic ingredients such as coconut, curry, coriander, nutmeg and cardamon. These ingredients were almost exclusively used by seafarers who brought these spices along from their routes to East Asia. It seems as though some of their ware eventually trickled out of their sacks…and right onto the plates!