Travelling with your Kayak Setting off to new Horizons

We wanted to start an excursion on the water: Just spending the day together in kayaks and canoes. It was an impulsive idea, thought up during a brunch with friends, and we wanted to start the next day - discovering new shores and new places. Columbus might have needed years and many audiences with the Spanish queen, but all we had to do was call im-jaich, and our fleet was ready. We could have also rented a sailboat, but everybody has to start somewhere, and after all, we’re only “Columbusses” in our free time. Our trip around the world started in Lauterbach and led us through the bay, past Vilm Island and all the way to Rügen’s South Pole, the Village Palmer. We took our time, adding lots of breaks for swimming and a little bonfire. The weather was perfect, especially during the evening. The whole sky was red. If it would have been on TV, it would have looked terribly cliché, but seeing it in real life was an experience like no other. Because of our wonderful experience, we’re going to start out again soon: Into the blue, green and red. Maybe this time even with the Folk Boats from im-jaich. 

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In addition to our accompanied cruises you can also charter boats for your own explorations

After work Sailing
On Wednesdays After work Sailing

Accompany us on “Folkboats” and dinghies to finish the day with a cruise over the bay