Everything You Could Wish for - On Just One Island VACATION ON RÜGEN

Rügen offers a huge variety of opportunities for a relaxed or more active vacation in a unique natural setting - all you have to do is decide what you feel up to. You can choose from any number of sightseeing destinations, day trips and attractions for vacationing with friends, families or pets. Do you want to experience nature up close, or would you rather relax while enjoying the many beautiful sights Rügen has to offer? Do you enjoy excursions, or would you prefer to use the facilities of the “Wasserferienwelt” to their full extent? No matter what you choose, we can guarantee that everybody will find the perfect place to relax on Rügen. And to plan your dream vacation ahead of time, we’ve already put together ideas for your trip here - have fun discovering and experiencing this one-of-a-kind island!

Adventure meets Relaxation Action or Comfort - Feel at Home on Rügen

In our Wasserferienwelt, you will find a wide range of activities. Whether you are looking for peaceful relaxation or want to discover as much of the island as possible, there is guaranteed to be something for you - perhaps a boat trip with the whole family, a bike ride to the famous chalk cliffs, a well-deserved break with massage & sauna or a romantic sailing trip followed by a candlelight dinner - here you can do anything you want!

Aquatic Sports
Cast off! Aquatic Sports

From Sailing Courses to Stand Up paddling: many aquatic sports are waiting for you on Rügen

Bike Rental
Independence on Two Wheels Bike Rental

Make use of the bike rental “Bruchalla’s” delivery services and discover Rügen’s fascinating landscapes

An Experience During Every Season Island Cities and Excursions

One of the most beautiful cities of Rügen is close to our “Wasserferienwelt”: the classic residential town Putbus is also known as the “White City of the North” and is the cultural capital of the island with many different theatre productions, concerts, exhibitions and little galleries. Historic landmarks such as the church, the Orangerie, the Marstall or the Landscape Park make for wonderful surroundings that are especially enjoyable on spring or summer days. Recommendations in the immediate vicinity: 

  • Right next to the Wasserferienwelt from the station Lauterbach Mole you can take the famous narrow-gauge railway train "Rasender Roland" to Göhren.
  • Take a tour to Vilm Island on the motor boat “Julchen”
  • Fish lovers can enjoy freshly fish at the ship “Berta”

The district Lauterbach in which our “Wasserferienwelt” is situated is a meeting place for many visitors who feel drawn to the ocean and open waters. Its quaint location in the Biosphere Reserve South-East Rügen offers many beautiful landscapes, but still remains protected from typical mass tourism, making it the perfect place for anyone who wants to relax. Adjacent to the Bathhouse Goor lies the Forest and Natural Reserve of the same name. From here, adventurers can take off on one of the many little paths along the shoreline to discover quiet, hidden beaches.

Biosphere Reserve South-East Rügen Vilm Excursion Rügensche BäderBahn