Sea, Beaches, Chalk Cliffs and More What Rügen has to Offer

There are plenty of opportunities for our adventurous guests to set out on excursions of their own: Rügen has much more to offer than just the chalk cliffs it’s known for! Countless sights of interest can be found all over the island, and as a visitor, you can set of by bike, car, or even on foot to discover the island and satisfy the adventurer within!


Here, we have collected some of our favourite spots for you, which you can explore on exciting day trips through the beautiful and diverse island landscapes.

Regal Residential Town Putbus

Visit the “White City” of the North and go for a long walk through the regal castle park and classic town center. Some of the historical buildings that once belonged to the castle still stand, and are definitely worth the visit. One extraordinary example is the pergola at the swan pond that used to be the terrace of the Putbuser Palace. The Stables, the Orangerie, the Church and the Mausoleum of the royal family also remain perfectly preserved and are a joy to visit. 

Cultural Sites from the Stone Ages

Large, stone graves can be found all over Rügen - the oldest evidence of human life and culture on the island. The stone graves, also known as “giant’s graves” or “long barrows” were crafted with huge boulders in the early Stone Age. Unfortunately, many of these prehistoric sights have been destroyed to make way for agricultural work. However, many graves still remain scattered over the island, and are definetly worth a stop. 

Discover “Groß Stresow”

The hiking and biking paths along the bay start right behind im-jaichs “Wasserferienwelt”. Walk or bike past the bathing house “Goor” and the quaint village Muglitz to finally arrive in the fishing town Groß Stresow. Here, you can visit Ms. Haases Imbiss, located directly at the road and across from the little beach, to revitalize yourself before you continue onwards. 

The Moritzburg

This restaurant, situated over the idyllic fishing town Moritzdorf, is the ideal destination for long walks or bike tours along the bay. The path leads you past the “Having” and up the hill. After the exhausting walk from the fishing town, up many steps, you will definitely feel rewarded by the extraordinary view of the bay landscapes. Regional dishes, homemade cakes, coffee and ice cream await you in the restaurant at the top of the hill. 

An Imposing View of the Sea Cape Arkona

The three towers at the surface monument Cape Arkona are visible from kilometres away, while the 46 metre cliffs at the northernmost point of the island are perfect for a panoramic view

Idyllic Moor Landscapes Hiddensee Island

Take one of the ferries to the car-free Hiddensee Island, where only carriages are allowed to drive, and picturesque thatched-roofed houses line the streets.

History and Fun Seaside Resorts

Rügen is known for its resort culture, being home to many historically famous seaside resorts. Among them are Binz, Sellin, Göhren, Baabe and Thiessow, situated along the shore of Germany’s largest island. The seemingly endless white sand beaches, historical sea-bridges and long promenades are worth a visit and are especially perfect for taking long walks right at the waterside or just relaxing at the beach. Each town contributes to Rügen’s special charm in its own unique way.

The resort culture in Rügen can be traced back to the time of industrial expansion in Germany at the beginning of the 19th century. Luxorious villas were built at this time, and today these historical Art Nouveau buildings cast a spell of their own - being surrounded by them transports you back to the old times. On your way to the seaside resorts, you can soak in the inland landscapes as you drive through the many green avenues.