City, Country, Sea Discovering Rügen

Historic beaches, tranquil moor landscapes or the dramatic coast lines: Rügen has more than enough sights worth seeing! Our Natural Oasis Gustow is hidden away in a calm corner of the island, but that doesn’t mean that it’s far away from the attractions. The historical city and UNESCO World Heritage Site is only ten kilometres away from Gustow. A city with an interesting history, a unique position at the water and imposing gothic-style brick buildings - this famous center of attraction in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern should not be missed.   

StralsundThe Island Rügen

Round About the Natural Oasis Gustow Our Neighbourhood

If you don't want to use your car during your stay, there are plenty of sights nearby you can visit by foot or with your bike.

Swimming Right Next Door Sand Beach for Family Fun

This tiny, hidden beach directly at the natural harbour is perfect for family outings. The best part? This beach with fine white sand is an insider’s tip even in summer! It is only a kilometre away over land - or 300 metres if you decide to swim. 

Handmade With Love Souvenirs

You can find the harbourmaster’s wife Birgit in a cozy, dark red house at the water’s edge. But it isn’t the house that’s so special - it’s the lovingly handmade product’s Birgit sells inside. Knitted Norwegian sweaters, jam homemade from locally grown fruit or homemade cereals for breakfast: All souvenirs bought here are sure to be truly unique! 

Organic Products from the Region Gustow’s Town

The town "Gustow" isn't far from our natural oasis. It lies bedded in a hilly landscape, and though it only has 650 residents, there are several stores that are definitely worth a visit. Among them is an organic bakery and a store with regionally produced, organic food, both run by the organisation "Insel e.V." The social-ecological project in the rural south of the island supports people with disabilities and advocates for protection of and care for natural and cultural developments in the region. We love their commitment!