Delicacies in Bremerhaven A Curious Treat

What makes chicken curry a typical seaman’s food? It’s difficult to say - historical records don’t reveal much. Perhaps the reason is simply that this dish has many exotic ingredients, like coconut or the spice mix with curry, coriander, nutmeg and cardamom that gives the recipe its name. Only seafarers bringing such fare from East Asia could enjoy such exotic spices on their way home - when some of the ware trickled out of the sacks and onto their plates. As we said - none of this is proven.

What is known for a fact, however: The dish is a real delicacy, and not only at sea. It’s been on our menu at our Boardinghouse in Bremerhaven from the beginning. The amazing taste is one reason, the other: When our hotel was opened in the Spring of 2007, exactly 50 years had passed since tour investor Ingo Jaich was hired as a ship’s boy. And that on the “R. C. Rickmers”, a ship that set out on her maiden voyage heading East that year. To celebrate the oncoming voyage, the whole crew feasted on chicken curry with mango chutney - just like the im-jaich crew half a century later. 

Sweat onions, apples and pineapple in plant oil, dust with flour and curry. Add chicken broth and coconut milk and let simmer for approximately half an hour. Add cream, pepper and cumin to taste, then pour through a hair sieve. Cut chicken breast into large cubes and cook in the prepared sauce. Suited side dishes: Wild rice, mixed salad, dried coconut and mango chutney. Bon appétit!